Where To Find Free And Cheap Accommodation

Where To Find Free And Cheap Accommodation

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When traveling you want to maximize your budget. Accommodation and flights are the things that take up most of our finances. So learning to manage your money as well as knowing where you can go so you don’t have to pay for accommodation is a savvy way to travel.

Of course, sometimes you want to treat yourself and stay in a nice hotel but continually doing so would not get you far. I have put together a good list of where to find cheap and free accommodation.

  1. Hospitality club

    This is probably one you have never heard of. This site is like couchsurfing; it brings hosts and guest together for free housing. It is free to join and people are kept safe via passport checks, online feedback etc.

  2. Couchsurfing.org

    This is one of the best ways to travel. You meet cool, awesome people, stay for free and build life long friendships. I love couchsurfing and some of the best people I have met on the road I met while couchsuring. It is a site full of like minded individuals who love to travel and share their home with others.

  3. Work away

    Workaway is another great site for work and accommodation exchange. It aims to promote diversity, cultural understanding and easy access to housing for travelers.

  4. Tip: “Many hostels will let you get a room for free in exchange for a few hours of work”.

  5. Servas

    This one has been around for over 50 years and it’s recognized worldwide. It is a non profit non denomination good will and cultural exchange program for travelers. You can volunteer or just travel. Once you join, you are sent information of their network so you can be able to reach the right people and stay for free.

  6. Stay4free

    Although the housing is free, the site charges a small fee for access to the housing. Nonetheless, the fee is negligent compared to what you will pay for a hotel.

  7. Hostel World

    Probably the most affordable website for budget accommodation anywhere in the world. Hostels are very similar to couchsurfing but you pay for them. They are inexpensive and also full of great people who love to party, meet and greet and sometimes become travel buddies who go on a trip with you.

  8. Global freeloaders

    Let’s not forget global freeloaders. The name says it all but in good faith.

    “GlobalFreeloaders is an online community, bringing people together to offer you free accommodation all over the world. Save money and make new friends whilst seeing the world from a local’s perspective!”

  9. Another Tip: “Camp grounds are great to sleep at too if you have a nice tent”.

  10. House Cares

    This is another good one for those wanting to take care of someone else’s house in exchange for staying there for free and having a chance to explore another country. There is a free membership option on their site and a paid membership option with more features.

  11. Airbnb

    Airbnb is another great site for full home or room rental. It is like renting a hotel but it’s all yours. I have had great experiences using this site. I prefer hostels and couch surfing but when you want to treat yourself or just staying for a few nights, this is a good option.

  12. Helpx

    HelpX is provided primarily as a cultural exchange for working holiday makers who would like the opportunity during their travels abroad, to stay with local people and gain practical experience. In the typical arrangement, the helper works an average of 4 hours per day and receives free accommodation and meals for their efforts.

  13. Homeexchange

    Yearly membership for home exchange. Has a large community and great locations. This is more for older travelers who are less adventurous and just want to rent a place.

Other ways to stay for free are:
Stay with friends
Keep contact with people you meet because sometimes they may travel to your place and you to theirs
Sleep in airport and train stations (carry a warm blanket)

Do you know of any other ways to get free or affordable accommodation?

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