What You Need To Know For Teaching English in Germany

What You Need To Know For Teaching English in Germany

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berlin is the place to be

Looking to teach English as a Second Language in a country that has castles, great beer, and some of the best Christmas Markets around? Then Germany is your place! There are a few steps to land a job in Germany however.  You will need to know the following.

Before you can even begin to do the paper work, first you will need to check if you meet the basic requirements for teaching English in Germany. Europe in general has a lot of specific requirement that are different from other countries. One of the requirement that keep most teachers away is that more often than not, schools require that you have an EU passport. But that shouldn’t stop you because there is another way.

You must go to Germany to have the best chance. And to get the right visa, you are have to do the paper work on your own. It’s easier said than done but you will have a great time in Germany while you wait for the paper work to get done. And I am here to help. Book a session with me to guide you through the process. Get tips, advice and the right contact information.

Begin the process as soon as you can because the paper work takes time. And here are a few things to keep in mind about wanting to teach English in Germany.

  • Paperwork
    • As with everything in life, there is paperwork. You should have a teaching certification  as well as a visa to work in Germany. To get a visa, you need a passport! Before tackling the visa process, it’s best to learn a bit of German or find a friend who speaks and reads German!
  • Finding a school and applying for a position
    • You will want to search for language schools in locations you are interested in and then apply for a position. Remember to review how German’s format their resumes before applying!
  • Taxes
    • Germany has a relatively high tax rate. Be aware of this when you plan your living arrangements/budget. You will want to confirm whether you will be paying the taxes yourself or if your school will handle them.

Remember those key items when looking for ESL positions in Germany! Once you’re there, be sure to enjoy the country and all that it has to offer! We are putting together some free travel guides. See if the guide for things to do in Germany is up.

Until then, Tschüss!

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