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Have some US Dollars around? Then it might be time to hit the road (or the airport) in 2015! With the US Dollar strengthening compared to many other currencies, destinations such as Euro-backed countries, Japan, Russia, and many others are getting cheaper to visit! Get planning and get traveling!

According to CNBC, “It may be time for U.S. tourists to pack their bags for destinations abroad—and they have the dollar to thank.

On Friday, the U.S. Dollar Index hit its highest level since March 2009. The greenback’s strength against other major currencies has presented opportunities for American travelers to jet off to more exotic places. The dollar’s bull run, especially against European and Asian currencies, has made buying goods and leisure travel more affordable in those countries…”

What this means is that your money will go far. The Euro and the dollar have always been at odds and a real pain in the ass when traveling in Europe and you exchange your money. You get a lot less. However, the cost of living in some cities in Europe are much less than New York or LA so the buying power evens out in those cities. So get out there and see Europe or Asia.

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