I have been hearing stories about how camel milk is really good for the body. Apparently drinking camel milk gives you a boost of testosterone and two to three times the vitamins and minerals one gets from drinking cow milk.

So I decided to experiment on myself to see if the stories are true. In this challenge, I will drink a glass of camel milk every day for one month. Not only that I will eat camel meat at least twice a week during the same month. I will report on the findings.

While doing this challenge, I will keep my routine the same. I will get up at 6AM as usual, do my readingm get ready for the teaching day and then go to the gym after work. I will then go home and report on how I felt or feel during the whole month.

The thing I am afraid of the most is the fact that everyone I have gotten information from about camel milk is consistent on one thing: it gives you explosive diarrhea.
Here is the video of day one of the challenge. Share, comment, engage.

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