If Money Wasn’t An Issue I would

If Money Wasn’t An Issue I would

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Follow your heart, it's infallible

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Often times we forget the important things in life. Things like following our dreams and doing the things that make us happy. We instead do the things that make money and end up leading miserable lives. A lot of those bad decisions to go on doing what we don’t want to do with our lives comes from our education system and parents. Because when you say to your parents I want to be a Poet or a Painter or a Writer what do most parents usually say?

That won’t make you any money! You should do something that earns you money.

And just like that our dreams are crushed. And I would be one of those people if I didn’t completely and utterly ignore my dad’s advice. When I told him I was going to be a Poet, study English Literature and someday travel the world. He said what most parents say. How are you going to earn money? Why don’t you study Business Administration like I did?

And being stubborn as I was growing up, still am in some ways, I went with my heart. I built my first PC at twelve and published my first poem by the time I was sixteen. In University I studied English and tinkled with Computer Engineering.

My desire to prove him and others wrong was enough to pursue my dreams and make my life what it is today. I have been to more than twenty one countries and counting and by the end of this year I will add five or more to that list.

Now I am not saying his advice was not coming from a right place, it was also coming from an old place, and old way of thinking because nowadays if you really want to, you can monetize anything. What I am saying is that, follow your heart, it’s infallible. You can make money doing anything, even traveling or just sitting on the couch if you are creative enough.

I make most of my income from traveling. I take teaching contracts, make money, invest it and then move on. It’s the life I always wanted.

But that’s not what happens to most of us. This image according to Mind Unleash perfectly illustrates were we go wrong; better yet, how we are led wrong.

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There are many obstacles in life. Sometimes those obstacles are the people closest to us. If you let them bring you down, they will. Too many of us fall into peer pressure and following routing like the Parable of the Sheep.

So ask yourself, am I living the life I envisioned for myself? If not, what happened? Where did I take the wrong turn?

It’s never too late. Share your thoughts below.

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