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We have been focusing on teaching requirements primarily in European and Asian countries so far. There are opportunities on every continent however (except Antarctica… but who knows, maybe they need a tutor at a research station!). In Africa, there is a high demand for English teachers, we’re going to give a quick breakdown of the top 5 countries demanding teachers for teaching English in Africa. Here they are before we begin discussing requirements.

6) Egypt

Egypt’s demand for English teachers is rising. There are many groups on facebook and other social media sites dedicated to finding jobs in the pyramid rich region. Egypt is a great place to teach and expat life is amazing. The community is already established and you would feel right at home. Not only that, you would be close to many great countries to explore.

5) Morocco

A beautiful country with rich culture, although many people simply think of the movie Casablanca when hearing Morocco. Some knowledge of French or Arabic can definitely move you towards the front of the competition. We will be putting up an article going more in-depth about what is needed to secure an English teaching position in Morocco!

4) Kenya

With English being an official language, there is a high demand for English teachers. One downside, the pay is sometimes… lacking. While still a rewarding experience, you may dip have to dip into your savings. But just remember, you’ll be in the land of the Masai, the Big 5, and some natural wonders!

3) Senegal

While Senegal is a Francophone country, English has begun to catch on and as a result, English teachers are in demand! If you like spicy food, Senegal is a great place to go! Additionally, opportunities for adventure are endless in Senegal! Most opportunities are in the capital, Dakar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go exploring!

2) Rwanda

Rwanda is near the top of my personal list of places I’d like to teach someday just so that I may get a glimpse of a silverback Gorilla. In spite of a rather grim past, Rwanda has made incredible strides to improve itself. Be sure to check back as we will be doing an overview of the requirements necessary to teach in Rwanda as well as some of the sights you should see while there!

1) South Africa

Not really a surprise, South Africa tops the list! With English as an official language, teaching opportunities are in demand! You can find them in numerous cities and enjoy a modern cosmopolitan environment. In your free time, there are plenty of places to explore: Mountains, safaris, vineyards, and so much more! We will cover all of these plus teaching requirements in a separate article, so be sure to check back!

Africa is an amazing continent with amazing opportunities. If you’re looking for some adventure and to get (slightly) off the beaten path, be sure to look for opportunities in these and the other countries of Africa!

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Taiwan is one of the best places I have been to. It has a diverse culture with a long history. It is a very interesting country and one that would be great to teach in. It is a great starting point for entry level ESL jobs.

Looking for a country with rich history, vibrant cities, and beautiful mountains? If so, Taiwan is the place! Teaching English in Taiwan can be a very rewarding experience. In order to get a teaching job, however, you will need to meet several requirements:

  • A degree from a recognized Western university
  • Have no criminal record
  • Be Native English Speaker
  • A passport that will be valid for at least 6 months from date of entry
    • Passports must be from specific English-speaking countries. Make sure to verify your passport is an approved passport.
  • A two-month multiple entry visa
    • When applying for your visa, do not mention you are planning to work. There is a weird issue with the visa process. Once you have your job secured (get your job while there, not before), you can switch your visa.
  • Generally, people with degrees in Education are given preference. Teaching certificates, however, are beginning to gain popularity and will definitely help your chances.

If you meet those requirements, then best of luck and enjoy Taiwan! And if you are in need of a hands on step by step guide to help you land the best possible job in Taiwan, just a click on contact me and shoot me a message.

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berlin is the place to be

Looking to teach English as a Second Language in a country that has castles, great beer, and some of the best Christmas Markets around? Then Germany is your place! There are a few steps to land a job in Germany however.  You will need to know the following.

Before you can even begin to do the paper work, first you will need to check if you meet the basic requirements for teaching English in Germany. Europe in general has a lot of specific requirement that are different from other countries. One of the requirement that keep most teachers away is that more often than not, schools require that you have an EU passport. But that shouldn’t stop you because there is another way.

You must go to Germany to have the best chance. And to get the right visa, you are have to do the paper work on your own. It’s easier said than done but you will have a great time in Germany while you wait for the paper work to get done. And I am here to help. Book a session with me to guide you through the process. Get tips, advice and the right contact information.

Begin the process as soon as you can because the paper work takes time. And here are a few things to keep in mind about wanting to teach English in Germany.

  • Paperwork
    • As with everything in life, there is paperwork. You should have a teaching certification  as well as a visa to work in Germany. To get a visa, you need a passport! Before tackling the visa process, it’s best to learn a bit of German or find a friend who speaks and reads German!
  • Finding a school and applying for a position
    • You will want to search for language schools in locations you are interested in and then apply for a position. Remember to review how German’s format their resumes before applying!
  • Taxes
    • Germany has a relatively high tax rate. Be aware of this when you plan your living arrangements/budget. You will want to confirm whether you will be paying the taxes yourself or if your school will handle them.

Remember those key items when looking for ESL positions in Germany! Once you’re there, be sure to enjoy the country and all that it has to offer! We are putting together some free travel guides. See if the guide for things to do in Germany is up.

Until then, Tschüss!


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