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animal association

This is an hilarious activity or warm up that my kids enjoy very much. The kids were laughing the entire time because they came up with accurate yet very funny animals for each other.

The purpose of the exercise is to help the students in associate unlikely things with one another. They are to use adjectives that create a relationship between the two things: classmate and associated animal.

How it works

  1. You create a worksheet( I have done for you to download below) and write all of your students names on it.
  2. Then on the right side of the worksheet the students write what animal they think the other students resembles or similar to in demeanor
  3. When they are finished with giving each other animal association, then have them come up with an adjective that describes both the animal and the student and tell the rest of the class
  4. The other student does the same and so on and son

To make it a bit more interesting, add yourself to the list.

Here is the worksheet to write their names on. You can type it and print out or just write their names with ink and make copies.


  1. student_animal_association

My students simply loved this activity and they spoke more than usual because they had all sorts of animal names to call it each other. It was all good fun. So, I hope your students enjoy it too.

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tic tac toe

This is a warm up that I tried today for my lower level students and it turned out good. And since I try to only post warm ups, activities or lessons that the students enjoyed, here is another one.

How to play

Note This warm up is best with a small class size. It doesn’t work very well for a large class unless you have very well behaved students. So when I used it for a class of 30 students it helped a lot that the students like me very much in this particular class.

But after the lesson and although they enjoyed it, I still think this will work best for a smaller class size because for one, the noise level won’t be as loud and other teachers will not be complaining about your class disturbing theirs and two, it will be a lot easier to keep track of all the students.

  1. Divide the class in two teams and tell them that you are going to play a game called Tic tac toe and that if they have played Bingo, they already know how to play this game.
  2. Draw nine squares on the board
  3. Fill the squares with vocabulary words, phrases, idioms, prepositions or whatever you want to teach them
  4. I used vocabulary so my students had to use the word in a sentence and give an example
  5. If the sentence and the example they give is correct, they win that square
  6. You play until one team gets three squares in a row and calls out tic tac toe

This is a 15 minute exercise/warm up so plan accordingly. Depending on the knowledge level of your students, it could last longer or less.

If you want to use paper or want a print out to remind you how to play in class, download it below.


  1. tictactoe

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picture code game

A good warm up activity can be the difference between a good class and a bad class. Everyone knows that first impressions are hard to break. The same goes for your class.

How you begin your class sets the tone for the rest of the lesson. If you walk in and start yelling at students right away it not only puts you in a bad mood but the students as well. Instead, do this, walk in and stand at the Teacher’s area and be quiet.

I often have to do this because my kids, especially the boys, are very rowdy. Then when I am quiet, a few students notice, and when they do, slowly the others do too and so on and so on. This doesn’t work sometimes so I pick one student who is already quiet and tell him to tell the class to be quiet.

I then add a touch to his command when they are quiet by saying, it’s my(replace my with your name) time. They feel guilty so they are very obedient right away.

But if your class sits down, greets you and are quiet, which means you are a lucky son of gun, then you can go right into the warm up activity. This is a great one because it deals with sentences unlike the previous one I posted here which is meant for vocabulary building. So download it below.

Remember you can change the pictures or phrases to suit whatever lesson you are teaching.


  1. Picture Code Game Part 1 and 2: One of the best class starters ever![restrict …] Picture Code Game Part 1 and 2[/restrict]

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warm up class

I call this one the Doodle Scribbler. Both the older and younger kids enjoy this one. The younger kids giggle the entire time while the older kids are more serious and competitive.

This is how it goes.

1. Walk in the class and tell the students to take out their notebooks
2. Have them open it and put the notebook on top of their heads. They start giggling right away :)
3. Describe an object to them and while you describe it, without them taking their notebooks off their heads, have them draw what you are describing while their notebook is still on top of their heads. They are not allowed to look.
4. When finished, choose the best one or have students pick the best one.

You can adjust this one to fit whatever subject you are teaching. Sometimes I just say one word and have them draw the first thing that comes to their mind.

I call it the doodle scribbler because some of the children’s motor skills are so off that I can’t even make out what they intended to portray. But it’s all in good fun and grabs their attention right away. That’s what you want.


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