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Memris language app

Learning a language is not as hard as it used to be. You had to pay for a class, go to the class, force yourself to study and then do it again and again. Nowadays there are apps for almost anything you can think of and it has never been easier to learn a language.

Yes you still have to put in the time and energy but the expense factor is out of the window because these apps are absolutely free. And I hope it stays that way.

  1. Memrise This is simply the best one out there. It is an amazing app that helps you remember what you learn. The way the app teaches you a new language is amazing and I learn words and hardly forget them. If you don’t have this app on your phone, don’t wait any longer.
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  2. Duolingo – This is another great app. I was using Duolingo in combination with Rosetta Stone. Then I got bored with Rosetta Stone. It got too repetitive and annoying so started searching for other alternative and thus ran across Memrise.
    duolingo langauge app
    duolingo language app

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  3. Living Language This is a great app as well with a large and supportive community. The app is intuitive and makes learning a language easy and fun.
    living language app

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  4. BUSUU This is another one that doesn’t get enough attention. BUSUU is a great app too with a large community that supports you as well. Their web interface is nice as well.
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  5. Innovativelanguage This one I hadn’t heard of but friends talked about it. You can download full language courses and learn from your android or iDevice.Find the languages for both platforms here.

No you have no excuse to not know how to say hello or thank you when on the road. I hope this list is helpful but I could have missed yours. What’s your favorite language app? Did I miss it?


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